Blake Claridge



LOs angeles

Blake’s got a natural feel for shooting with people, whether they are huge stars or your neighbour around the corner he has the ability to create a world to put them at ease, get in close and capture the most from any situation.

He’s worked across a diverse range of challenging shoots. From delicate subjects like domestic abuse and dementia to projects that have reconnected broken relationships and connected communities. Blake has the sensibilities and mentality to adapt his style to the brief whilst keeping an emotive layer threaded through his work.

Cutting his teeth in the world of music videos he learnt how to get the most out of a tight budget and after working agency side for a number of years he has the knowledge and understanding to elevate an idea.

Along the way he has won Cannes Lions, Webby’s, even an MTV award, but to him it’s not about accolades, it’s about the people he’s met, the stories he’s held onto and the friends he’s made. Experiences that don’t just sit on a shelf.

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