Gracie Otto

Fashion film, features, TV shows, global commercial campaigns… no cinematic medium is safe from Gracie’s unique brand of female-focused irreverence.

Disrupting genres, subverting expectations and scooping nominations, awards and assorted accolades has become a trademark for a director whose artistic output comprises everything from feminist noir comedy chronicling a serial killer in a seaside hamlet, to biographical documentary to Seriously Red, Gracie’s debut feature about a real-estate-agent-turned-Dolly-Parton-impersonator.

Whatever happens, it’s gonna be funny, filmic and highly fashionable.

Alice Rosati, Antony Hoffman, Blake Claridge, Claas Ortmann, Dean Freeman, Gracie Otto, Iain Morris, Julian Marshall, Kevin Castanheira, Lionel Mougin, Marc Bethke, Matthaus Bussman, Pascal Heiduk, Stephen Agnew, Taisia Deeva, Zoe Que
Amilcar Gomes, Ida Cuellar, Marc & Gio, Rob Stanton-Cook