Taisia Deeva

High-end, highly technical and vividly insightful, Taisia’s films are ambitious means of exploring the human experience. Dive deep into the psyche while indulging in multi-sensory art direction and easy-on-the-eye aesthetics for pristine films with feeling.

With a debut feature film inbound, stacks of global festival acclaim and a profound sense of cinema’s ability to tell stories like no other medium, Taisia is an auteur with intent.

Alice Rosati, Antony Hoffman, Blake Claridge, Claas Ortmann, Dean Freeman, Gracie Otto, Iain Morris, Julian Marshall, Kevin Castanheira, Lionel Mougin, Marc Bethke, Matthaus Bussman, Pascal Heiduk, Stephen Agnew, Taisia Deeva, Zoe Que
Amilcar Gomes, Ida Cuellar, Marc & Gio, Rob Stanton-Cook